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The lack of Internet telephony service providers with a firm grip on not only Voice, but of enterprise level WAN design and implementation, has allowed us to be unique in our skill set offering. With the slow TDM transition in South Africa and the overnight SIP opportunist/providers flooding the market, finally a provider has arrived with a long term solution and your best interest in mind.

We endeavor to offer solutions that take advantage of clever product groupings and unique features. Cost an obvious factor, is a welcome surprise rather than the “only good part” of all of our offerings.

By being able to offer a solution that is managed from the point of you hearing dial tone, all the way through to handing the call off to the destination provider, allows us to offer a well integrated solution. The market trend of having 3 providers involved, one for onsite telephony, one for wan and one for terminating the calls, leads to delayed resolution due to a disparate and compromised design. Although we offer quality solutions to companies who do want to make use of existing infrastructure, the option for an unparalleled experience on our end to end offerings, will always be our main focus.


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